About Us

Who We Are

We Wrap Caskets designs an unexpectedly heart-warming outcome for you and your loved ones throughout your memorial service. We believe in the power of memorializing someone’s life through creativity by bringing comfort to our community in a new way. The ways in which we honor the deceased has potential to create closure, humility, gratitude and togetherness. We do our best to give you and your loved ones the opportunity to experience this for yourselves.

We Wrap Caskets was born in July of 2016 in sunny South Florida. After 3 years of creating unique funeral programs and obituaries, we yearned to do more with our creative abilities. Wrapping caskets demands quality materials, precision, and great compassion…


We love to hear back from families who share how the casket design created unity, pride and at times, light-hearted humor. Imagine being placed to rest surrounded with the elements of life that we loved most. This is our life’s work and we are humble, to say the least.

Casket Wrap Design
  • Discuss the type of casket planned for memorial services
  • Design is chosen and approved by our team
  • Graphics are printed out on vinyl and installation begins
  • Quality inspection and final touches applied
  • The casket is ready for pick-up/ delivery

What We Can Do

We Wrap Caskets creates your commemoration through clear communication, affordable pricing, professional application, thorough inspection, and prompt delivery straight from our hearts to yours. Our team is honored to capture the spirit and essence of your loved-one through these few simple steps…


Our passionate graphics team integrates the elements of art and principles of design to ensure top quality execution, always exceeding your expectations. Our made-to-order caskets come in a wide variety of finishes and sizes with a rich saturation of color. The possibilities are endless and our quality is incomparable.


Following industry standards, we are recognized for our seamless application and state-of-the-art materials. Know that your casket design will be wrapped by highly experienced professionals to provide you with excellence. Your special commemoration deserves the service of clean lines and delicate assembly.


Delivering to any city in the United States, our top priority is getting the finished product to you on time. We begin our work immediately following your order and discuss with you, the most convenient delivery options possible. You focus on making it through these hard times while we master urgency.

Meet Our Experts

Jason Matherly

Production Master

Jamil Robinson

Creative Director



Lets Work Together

We enjoy the collaboration process. We remain sensitive about the time you require to choose a casket wrap design and guide you in finding what feels just right. Let us help you prevent potential stress from an already challenging circumstance.