Visually Express the Life
They Lived

Your loved-one has lived a full life of passion, inspiration and unforgettable memories. During this difficult time, we help you see the light by honoring their taste and what made them so unique. What brought them joy? Where did they travel? What did they love doing most? We Wrap Caskets provides a place for them to rest surrounded by their favorite life nuances. Drawing from the aphorism YOLO (You Only Live Once) where someone lives life to the fullest, we honor your loved-ones’ passing to the fullest…through our customized casket-wrap designs.
We are here to provide you with a lasting tribute in light of your loved-ones’ life. Whether the casket is to be fit for a King or Queen, trust us to show you endless possibilities with ease and compassion. You are in great hands.

Ways to Work with We Wrap Caskets

We design and install the wrap for you

We print and ship your chosen design to you

Personalized Daisy Casket Wrap

We can help you decide on a theme. Together we'll explore questions such as:

  • What hobbies did they take up?
  • Did music influence their lives?
  • Did they enjoy a particular vacation more than most?
  • What accomplishments were they most proud of?
  • Did they idolize someone or live by a certain philosophy?

Make Your
Casket Memorable

Personalized Green Football Casket Wrap

Premium Designs

Our passionate graphics team integrates the elements of art and principles of design to ensure top quality execution, always exceeding your expectations.

Certified Wraps

Following industry standards, we are recognized for our seamless application and quality materials. Your casket design will be wrapped by highly experienced professionals.