How It Works

Funeral Home Coordination

A funeral director has many responsibilities and becomes the heart of your coordinated gathering. We suggest you clearly communicate exactly what you have in mind, with your funeral home of choice. It is critical that they know your plans in purchasing a wrap for your casket, as they often like to relieve you of any tedious decision making. Whether it’s you or your funeral director taking the reins, your purchase, delivery and installation will be seamless with We Wrap Caskets.

Browse Our One-of-a-Kind Designs

Our categories for your casket wrap are conveniently organized by style or interest on our “shop” page. We provide you with high resolution options so that you can make a decision in minutes. Whether your loved-one was an artist, athlete or beach lover, we have many unique themes to choose from. Our "Custom Design” option for your casket is great for anyone with a particular theme in mind. We work closely with you to ensure the casket customization exceeds your expectations and desires.

Casket Wrap For Purchase

You have a design selected so the hard part is over! Our shopping cart will guide you in filling out some much-needed information, as we process your payment. If you have any additional thoughts or ideas for your customized casket, please leave us a note in our checkout message box.

Expedited Shipping

Because we deliver to many different cities across the United States, our turn-around time has become impeccable. Our team begins their work immediately after receiving your order and expedited shipping is a common delivery method. We provide a secured high-quality shipping tube, containing pre-cut, vinyl pieces for convenient delivery. We Wrap Caskets can ship within 48 hours so that you receive your wrap on time for your service.

Installation Process

The vinyl wrap for your casket will need to be installed properly and we know just how to make this happen smoothly. We often help with coordinating who will be professionally installing the casket, before the shipment arrives at your requested location. We can easily locate the nearest installer for you based off your address so that travel is as convenient. Our expertise excels in promising punctuality and intentional communication when we “wrap up” this final task.


Our passionate graphics team integrates the elements of art and principles of design to ensure top quality execution, always exceeding your expectations. Our made-to-order caskets come in a wide variety of finishes and sizes with a rich saturation of color. The possibilities are endless and our quality is incomparable.


Following industry standards, we are recognized for our seamless application and state-of-the-art materials. Know that your casket design will be wrapped by highly experienced professionals to provide you with excellence. Your special commemoration deserves the service of clean lines and delicate assembly.


Delivering to any city in the United States, our top priority is getting the finished product to you on time. We begin our work immediately following your order and discuss with you, the most convenient delivery options possible. You focus on making it through these hard times while we master urgency.

Lets Work Together

We enjoy the collaboration process. We remain sensitive about the time you require to choose a casket wrap design and guide you in finding what feels just right. Let us help you prevent potential stress from an already challenging circumstance.