Design Selection

Our categories for your casket wrap are conveniently organized by style or interest on our website, under the “shop” category. We provide you with high resolution designs so that you can make a decision in minutes. Whether your loved-one was an artist, athlete or soldier, we have many unique themes to choose from. Our “Custom Design” option for your casket is great for anyone with a particular theme in mind.

We work closely with you to ensure the casket customization exceeds your expectations and desires.

Additional Options

Within the design selection, you have the ability to modify our designs to make them more personal. The available options are as follows: 

Custom Text – add text to the design such as a name, date, or any other verbiage.

Add Photo
– upload a photo of your loved-one to the lid of the casket. 

Change Colors
– send an explanation of your desired color choices.  

Custom Design
– we consult and create a one-of-kind design, uniquely for you.

Expedited Shipping

Because we deliver to many different cities across the United States, our turn-around time has become impeccable. Our team begins their work immediately after receiving your order and expedited shipping is a common delivery method. We provide a secure high-quality shipping tube, containing pre-cut, vinyl pieces for convenient delivery. We Wrap Caskets can ship within 48 hours so that you receive your wrap on time for your service.


*It will take up to 48 hours for printing of your design to be completed before shipping. Note, it often only takes up to 24 hours to print and ship.

Installation Process

The vinyl wrap for your casket will need to be installed properly and we know just how to make this happen smoothly. We often help with coordinating who will be professionally installing the casket wrap before the shipment arrives at your requested location. We can easily locate the nearest installer for you based off of your address, so that travel is convenient. Our expertise excels in promising punctuality and intentional communication when we “wrap up” this final task.